Sunday, November 30, 2014

Technology Trends in Indian Healthcare

Technology has made almost anything possible in the field of healthcare. Many of the devices invented can help users lead healthier and productive lives and has progressed into an atmosphere of organized data in the healthcare flowing from patients to physicians, diagnostic clinicians, pharmacists and medical insurance billing specialists. Here is a list of technology trends shaping the future of medicine

#1.BYOD prevalence

The BYOD also known as Bring Your Own Device is increasing popularity in the healthcare industry. The consumerization of IT and the BYOD movement in the workplace has proven to be extremely beneficial for the healthcare industry, allowing providers to access patient data, billing information, clinical trial data and employee information on-the-go. To help deal with healthcare’s primary BYOD challenges, since managing information involves risk, the healthcare industry should consider whole security programs allowing for longer term security strategies.

#2.Big data

Big data has lately begun to become an integral aspect in healthcare. It is a term used for massive amounts of information that can be interpreted by analytics to provide an overview of trends or patterns. Organizations influence big data by gathering records and information captured and then interpreting it with analytics. It has applications range from provider-specific business intelligence  over an entire state's health records to identify people who are at risk for certain ailments and can help target early warning signs and improve patient safety.

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